How to teach literature to students

Majority of students find literature boring and not worthy to read. To make them attracted towards literature, reading and writing, there is need to change the method of teaching them plays of Shakespeare and Shelley’s poetry. 

The old and bookish ways were suitable but they are not suitable now.There are many ways to teach literature in this century but the most effective methods are:

  1. Play: Instead of asking a person to read a book while others are tasked to listen the story, teachers should ask students to create a play on story or they should ask students of other grades to create a play on that story and make their class to watch it. In this way the play making class will learn to make play. Their skills of writing and speaking will get better and the spectators, on the other hand, will come to know the actual pronunciation of the word and their interest will be developed. Teachers can then ask them questions regarding play and give them task to write a review on it to get more insight. 
  2. Change syllabus: Classics ate important for students to read but they should be taught if they can taught interestingly. To make the course attractive for students, it is necessary to include favorite books or interest-binding books in syllabus. In this way, they will develop interest in books and literature and soon teacher will be able to attract them towards classics. 
  3. Thought provoking questions and exercises: Don’t give them typical questions and exercises to solve in examination or homework. Take out information about xerox printer price in Dubai and set the machine in school. Give them handouts and extra explanation. Give them to write their views about each chapter and character. 
  4. Discussion: Don’t give them lecture. Make the class discussion based to get more talent out of their souls which is hidden in their brain. It is the responsibility of teacher to polish the talent of a student and this responsibility can only be accomplished when the classes are friendly and communicative. 

Movies: Organize movie time in class or take the whole class at theatre to watch the play based on the novel of the syllabus. The visualization will help then to develop more interest in literature and philosophy. It will help them to connect themselves with the story.