Battery Tips for Vapers

Vape is operated by a battery. If juice is the blood of the vape then the batteries can be called the soul the vape. And it is important that you keep your batteries in top notch condition, because if you don’t keep your batteries in good condition, they can hurt you really bad. You must be wondering that what can bad batteries do to me, well if you are thinking like you revive the TV remote batteries by putting them in the sunlight. But if you do this thing here, they will revive for a time being but after sometime they can also blast. Yes, you read that right, they will actually blast and each year, there are more than 15,000 cases where people have been reported to damage their faces because the vape blew up while they were smoking a vape. You can get the best electronic cigarettes price in UAE.

And that is why when the vape says the battery is one bar below the medium, that is the right time to change it. Don’t wait for it get red, because clearly the color red means that it is getting dangerous. You must be wondering why should I change the batteries when there is still half way to go. Well, the cases that we told you about above, 70 percent of the vapes blew when they still had the half battery and that is why it is always best that you stay on the safer side and that is also why you need to change the batteries. You can buy vapes online in Dubai.

Then you should get your batteries wraps. If you don’t have wraps on your batteries. You can do it yourself or see a guide on YouTube but if you still don’t understand, have it done from the vape shop. Some vape shops do it for free and some charge it. But don’t worry and keep your safety first because it costs less than 5 dirhams for both batteries. The next advice is that you should get the premium quality batteries. There are many companies that manufacture batteries that are cheap. You need to stay away from them and make sure that you get the best batteries for your vape and that will best for your health as well. Even though cheap sounds good but they are bad for your health.