Choosing the type of business setup in UAE

Few things in life can be more satisfying than having your own business. The notion of having own business will help you gather yourself as someone with the ability to achieve difficult things in life. It is a known fact that doing own business is never something easy due to the number of difficulties one encounters. But, where setting up own business can be a little challenging, it is also equally rewarding and you will find that out once you get a strong foothold in this country as an entrepreneur. So, what it takes to have own business setup in Abu Dhabi and whether you should think about it or not – it is for you to decide. But, the idea of having own startup is always encouraged due to the fact that most businesses achieve a certain degree of success in this part of the world. It is important to know about the type of business you wish to do. Doing so will help you to prepare for it mentally and once you are in the zone, you will likely prepare yourself for it too. Keep in mind that not every business structure is meant for all entrepreneurs so it is a must for you to decide what will work best for you.

LLC structure

Perhaps one of the more common types of businesses these days more so due to the name it carries. People tend to think positively for LLC type businesses simply because they supposedly limited liabilities. But, they also offer more, which is something you should maintain focus on. The small amount of paperwork must be appreciated though as it will save you from excessive headaches. It is recommended that you study the structure of business before deciding to move ahead with it.


Offshore business structure is another popular business structure among those who wish to start a business in a country where they don’t reside, for now. You can still register an offshore business despite knowing the shortcomings and things that you might need to know prior to starting an offshore style business in some country. For those who didn’t know, offshore businesses incur equally less liabilities as you don’t have to move your entire business or a production unit to the country you may be doing business in lately. You can also choose to form a mainland company in Dubai if you have plans to do big business in this city in the future.